Welcome to my blog!

 Akụkọ and The Storyteller is a blog about storytelling. It’s about the power of stories and the historical and current events and ideas that fuel narratives. It’s a way for me to express written and visual ideas creatively.


Also included in the blog are short stories completed as part of my Portfolio and a ‘Word of the Month’, which celebrates beautiful language from all over the world.


A note on the title

Akụkọ is an Igbo word for ‘story’ or more commonly, ‘discussion’, although both can be used interchangeably at times.
The Igbo tribe is one of the largest in Nigeria, and within this tribe (and indeed, all the others) storytelling through fables and widely recognisable folklore is the most effective way to make a point in a discussion.
The Igbo tribe is my tribe, and I remember many a time when listening to my parents, other adults or Nigerian film actors and hearing an idiom that stayed with me. They were always colourful and effectively simple.
And today? Stories are everywhere, as they have always been. There are many discussions to be had between cultures, between friends and yes, between enemies.
On this blog, Akụkọ can take any form: a person, a thing, a place or an idea. For me it is what connects me to the world, to news stories and social media pages.
As for The Storyteller, that person can be me, you, whoever tells the tale.