Oh, Mother!


Orchids represent love, luxury, beauty and strength.

I collect flowers as I walk to church for service

They are springy, and sprightly

They glint in the sun: yellow, pink, ivory

They carry colour as though a series of photographs

Captured as the light through the gap in a door

Dashed in like sunshine.



Oh Mother! I can only hope that these wild flowers

Might be that sign of my love

And for all that you do, and like red spray carnations

Move in every direction except down, for my sake

And for my siblings. These might be the language of thanks

As much as words cannot express, the ‘lively pleasure’ 

As Anna Jarvis, or even perhaps, William Shakespeare.


The nurturing that has seen me so far through life

And blessed me, as though an angelic touch

Whispered into my bones, and been the root of my strength

Through every hurdle. Every experience of pain in childhood

Drew us ever closer. As I do with these flowers

And gather them into a bunch.

And in looking at each, I appraise them as a whole.

In their beauty, I wonder at the magical abilities of the earth.

They have the soft tones and light brush strokes

Of Edouard Manet.

So that here in my hand, I experience the painting.


As I draw closer to the church, I catch a streak of light from the sky

Even as the clouds hang grey and heavy with rain

You have taught me to see the silver lining

And so enabled me not just to be born, but to stay alive.



Mother’s Day Celebrations

Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers! To all those who nurture and care for others. And to those who, no matter what, always try their best.

At home, we celebrate Mother’s day by cooking and laughing together. We watch movies and we tell jokes. We take walks through the park and people (and nature) watch.

Today I wanted to do a mini photo-shoot with my mother, especially with so many tourist attractions and natural beauty where we live. I wanted flowers to be an important part of this. Flower bouquets are a kind of symbol of love and care. They are both lively and calming in composure and composition, and fresh flowers have the most beauty of all.


My Inspirations 

I was inspired by Orchids, Carnations and Neapolitan flowers. The ‘Roses et Lilas’ painting by Edouard Manet (which was partly discovered by scrolling through fashion influencer Aimee Song’s Instagram), reminded me of how colour could be so mellow the softness was almost felt. I read about the work of Anna Jarvis in the United States, in particular the significance of red carnations, and the sonnets of William Shakespeare, one of my favourite poets and dramatists.


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